10 of the Weirdest Pins Found on Pinterest


1. Crochet Matthew McConaughey?

For fans of the often shirtless celebrity, we present you with a naked, crocheted, bongo-playing Matthew McConaughey.

  • 9e5ee760

    2. Tampon Finger Puppet

    “Crazy Aunt Flow sure was crafty, but her gifts always came with a string attached.”

  • D3808a0a

    3. Meat Baby

    “Ursula just loved nibbling on babies! Their cute wee toes! Those tiny fingers! Oh, such chubby little cheeks!”

  • D218d8bb

    4. Fashion Forward

    “A Pictorial of Bling: Fashion Direction by Hannibal Lecter”

  • Caa38c1d

    5. Giant Gummy Worm

    “Tina considered herself open-minded, until her best friend Mindy showed off her new toy.”


  • Gummy%2520worm

    6. Baby Coat Rack

    What to do with all of those leftover baby parts? A D.I.Y., of course.

  • 95fc21cb

    7. Mega Cake-Pie Hybrid

    “Audrey was determined to have her cake (and her pie, and her other cake, and her other pie, and another cake, and one more pie) and eat it, too.”

  • F91340af

    8. Wine Bra

    ‘Juicing’ just took on a whole new meaning.

  • Wine%2520bra

    9. Sleeper Hold

    “Helen thought it was sweet when Victor held her so tightly that she couldn’t even open her mouth to speak. She never realized that was his intention.”

  • 1b6b11ac

    10. Baby Swiffer

    For all of the feeding and caretaking you do, you might as well get a little something out of it, like a clean hardwood floor.

  • 1c9b6a9b





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